How to rent with Cazamio

Search, verify, and apply. Simple as that.

Step 1

Start Searching

Browse your top neighborhoods or fave spots to find a listing you ♥ on Cazamio.

Step 2

Verify Your I.D.

Sign up & verify yourself by uploading your I.D. and selfie. (Safety first!)

Step 3

Visit on Your Time

Nearby? Drop in for a Self-tour, on your own, anytime within the landlord-set time. (Typically 8AM - 9PM).

Step 4

Take a Self-Guided Tour

Use the Cazamio platform to unlock the door and take a look around.

Step 5

Apply for Your Rental

Like what you see? Apply on the spot, right through your Cazamio account.

Step 6

Sign Your Lease

Approved? Sign your lease on Cazamio’s secure platform - and get packing.


What is Cazamio?

What's a verified account?

Do I need to sign up to use Cazamio?

What if i have questions?

Can I talk to a human?

Do I need to make an appointment with someone to self-tour an apartment?